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This is the first Blockchain-based technology used to measure energy sustainability levels. It makes it possible to quantify, in a simple, objective and reliable manner, the degree to which consumed electricity is sustainable.


It provides information on whether power generating plants, regardless of whether they are renewable or not, comply with best Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) practices.


it shows a sunstainability punctuation about the generated energy from 0 to 100. It contains traceable info on what was produced by the power generating site, thus allowing consumers to see the sustainability index associated to the energy they consume.


Scores developed by Enviroscale are based on the blockchain technology, which uses safe, immutable data collected through a distributed, decentralized registration technology which ensures recorded information is accurate and verifiable.

For Who?

Power Consuming 

They can prove their clean, responsible origin and also make simulations prior to power plant building, thus favoring project funding and profitability.

Power Trading 

They are able to prove the sustainability level of the energy they market, both as an average as well as on a per-plant basis. This should allow them to enhance customer canvassing and loyalty.

End Consumers and Companies

They can check the traceability of marketed power, thus improving their corporate reputation and market value by complying with ESG criteria and decarbonization targets.

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